How Do I Burn CDs From Osirix or Horos? 

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How Do I Burn CDs From Osirix or Horos

If you work with a medical image viewer, many of you have probably caught yourself asking, “How Do I Burn CDs From Osirix or Horos?”.

Patients may come to your practice to get an x-ray, MRI, ultrasound, CT or other procedure. On their way out, they may request a copy of their medical images. If this is a regular part of your practice, you are likely seeking an easy, reliable, and automated way to enable your staff to burn CDs quickly and inexpensively.

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Unfortunately, most current solutions require an excessive amount of your staff’s time and are prone to errors that waste resources. If you are unable to burn a CD on the spot before the patient leaves your facility, you disappoint your patients and are burdened with additional mailing costs.

We’ve been hearing complaints from our clients for years. To solve this longstanding problem, we developed an innovative solution that relieves you of the burden and costs of burning disks.

Purview ViVA Patient Portal now enables you to provide electronic access to the images generated for your patients without the need to burn a CD or DVD.  On checkout, you simply provide your patient with their unique identification code.  Then, wherever they are, they can access their study via the Internet and can even provide that access to a specialist or other physician as well.

With a simple yet confidential login, the patient is provided with access to a branded portal that reflects your logo and practice image.

No longer do you have to worry about lost or damaged CDs or the overnight cost of shipping CDs to patients or other physicians. With Purview’s Patient Portal that is no longer required. The patient and technology are supported by Purview – if they have a problem they contact us!  Relieving you of that burden as well.

Purview ViVA Patient Portal doesn’t require any additional work and saves you the time, money and headaches involved in providing your patients with CDs and DVDs.

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