Ease of Uploading Medical Images to the Cloud

Posted by Phil Jackson on Nov 20, 2013 7:33:55 AM

Think about the last time you had X-rays taken. You probably left the imaging center carrying a bulky folder filled with images.

When you got home, you had to find a safe place to store them where they wouldn’t be lost or damaged. The next time you needed the X-rays, you had to hunt through your house to remember where you stored them.

Maybe one sheet fell out of the folder. Or perhaps the family dog chewed it. If you did find the images intact, you then have to carry that folder from doctor to doctor ever time you have an appointment.

Purview solves these problems of traditional medical image storage. Purview makes it easy to upload and store digital medical images, such as X-rays. You and your doctor can access them online or on a mobile device.

Uploading images can be done in several easy ways:

  • Automatic uploading by a Purview-enable imaging center
  • Importing images from a CD or DVD
  • Sending film images to the Purview office to be digitized and added to your account

So the next time you have an imaging study taken, you can access those images with Purview anywhere at any time. You can be confident that your images are stored safely and securely.

Purview gives you control over your medical images and helps your doctors easily access your images to provide you with the best care possible.

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As we’ve architected Purview in the cloud, we’ve made it as simple as possible for patients to engage. There are two ways for a patient to get images into the cloud.

The first way is if the patient visits a practice that is Purview enabled. The patient leaves the practice with a tri-fold that includes their medical record number.

The patient can use this information when they get home, on a computer or on a mobile device, to register and gain access immediately to their medical images. Once they have gained access to that information, they can share it with any of the 3.9 million health care providers in the United States.

The second method for accessing this information is if, as a patient, you receive a CD-ROM with medical images. That CD-ROM can be imported into our cloud as easily as you might import a music album into iTunes.

Alternatively, if you don’t have a digital copy of your information, if you have just sheets of film, X-rays, we can help you with that. Those X-rays can be shipped to our office. We can digitize them and make them available in your account.

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