CSIDQ: A complete set of images of diagnostic quality

Posted by Phil Jackson on Sep 9, 2013 9:29:11 PM

At Purview, image sharing is a critical function of PurviewMD, our cloud-based image management platform. Image sharing enables images to be available anywhere, anytime to any healthcare provider. Traditional PACS systems are "closed" within the enterprise making imaging essentially proprietary while image sharing allows unfettered access to patient images no matter where they are acquired. This ultimately has a defining and meaningful impact on patient care!

We follow and reference industry experts who define clinical standards for image sharing. David Clunie, a leader in defining standards for medical imaging, recently wrote an article on the expectation for the quality of images that are shared. We'd encourage you to read more here. At Purview, images are available to providers as a complete set of images of diagnostic quality in addition to being available through our zero-footprint, FDA approved client. We encourage healthcare organizations to manipulate and access images as they are most comfortable.

Topics: Image sharing, DICOM, PurviewMD

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