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Posted by Phil Jackson on Oct 22, 2013 10:46:24 AM

A doctor’s visit can be intimidating. Here’s a professional who has received years of specialized training in areas beyond most of our comprehension. And you are paying them a good sum to tell you what to do.

It’s hard to voice a question or concern in that situation. But speaking up for yourself is critical to taking control over your medical outcomes.

No matter how well trained a doctor is, what they offer you is an opinion. In most other situations, we have no problem asking for a second opinion.

For big purchases like a house, we get several loan offers. If something is wrong with our car’s transmission, we take it to a second mechanic.

We feel patients should be just as empowered to take control of their health care decisions. The mission of Purview is to empower patients and give them the tools to advocate for themselves when it comes to their medical images.

Purview takes control of medical images out of the hands of doctors and places the power in the hands of patients. Users can view their images anytime, anywhere on a mobile device. They can share these images with one click. This connects users to 3.9 million health care providers in the United States.

You now have the ability to get second opinions quickly, easily and without extra stress. This is a great first step in becoming your own biggest heath care advocate.

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Ultimately, patients are in charge and in control of their health care. Patients should have the ability to inquire with health care providers, ask questions, be inquisitive.

With Purview as a platform, patients have the ability to manage their medical imaging. They have the ability to: Aggregate all medical imaging that has been preformed. Share those medical images with any of the 3.9 million healthcare providers in the United States with one click;. Potentially obtain a second opinion.

This can change the course of treatment. This can also mean a different outcome. It’s profound and has the ability to change, really, a patient’s life.

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