5 Reasons To Become An OEM For Medical Imaging Systems

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5 Reasons To Become An OEM

Not everyone has the time or the resources to build and maintain their own PACS. Fortunately, if you are a vendor that deals solely in modalities, desktop viewers, medical equipment, EHR - the list goes on - you don’t have to fret. You can provide your clients with an all inclusive package as opposed to them going to another vendor. As an OEM you can resell another company’s product under your branding and name. In fact, we took the liberty of listing 5 ways that becoming an OEM can help your business...

1. Boost Your Brand's Awareness

If you offer multiple products or multiple services, becoming an OEM could help spread the word about your business. If you choose to become a partner, you gain the ability to legally place your name and logo on a reputable Cloud PACS. For the consumer this enables reliable storage, sharing, access and mobility of medical images; but, for you it increases brand awareness. Which leads to increased sales, revenue, and ROI. Now, doesn't that sound nice?

2. Increase Brand Loyalty

Provided that you partner with a dependable vendor, it won’t take long for your clients to be in awe. Seeing your name and logo on a a Cloud based solution every day will associate the attributes that are tied with the product itself to your brand. Such attributes include: reliability, accessibility, convenience and the crowd favorite...affordability. Having a good Cloud PACS vendor as your partner is important as it directly correlates to increased brand loyalty.

3. Save Time And Money

Maybe you are an entrepreneur at heart, and you enjoy the fantasy of building your own product. However, this is a lot of time and money, with no guarantee of the end product’s ROI. Adding a third party’s Cloud PACS solution onto your offerings menu is not only extremely cheaper than the alternative; it is almost like having an in-house developer for a fraction of the original cost. Not everyone has the ability, knowledge, or resources to produce a fully functioning Cloud PACS, and that is nothing to be ashamed of. We all have our strengths. So instead of spending countless hours and an atrocious amount of money trying to create such a solution yourself, leave it to the experts. There is no need to re-invent the wheel. Leave the beta testing, troubleshooting, and fine tuning to someone else. Find a partner that knows the product inside out, and pay them for the OEM privilege. This way, they do the heavy lifting and you can put your name and logo on a high quality, refined product.

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4. Never Worry About Support Again

This one is no joke. One of the toughest parts of offering an in-house product is also providing the support. Not only do you have to supply the appropriate training, you also have to figure out how to monetize it. As an OEM, your partner assumes that responsibility. Therefore, you can actually have all support concerns go directly to someone else. It takes all of the pressure off of you and gives the Cloud PACS experts the responsibility.

5. Why Stop At One?

Seriously...why? Let’s say that you sell modalities. Perhaps you decide that you don’t want the headache of trying to create a product that already exists, and you choose to become an OEM for a Cloud PACS partner. If this turns out to be a good investment, why not also become an OEM for something else your clients might use? Consider what works best for your business’s infrastructure and think about the possibilities of partnering with different vendors as an OEM.

Final Thought

Overall, what you decide to do is up to you. However, if you want to offer your clients a more complete package,  OEM might be the solution you’ve been looking for. It allows you to present your client with an effective and affordable solution that you otherwise would not be able to develop and deliver on your own - all for a fraction of the original cost. It takes the headache of support and software updates off of your plate, and gives it to someone else. Keep in mind that your vendor is a Cloud PACS expert, so it’s no headache for them. Finding a good product to resell is one thing, creating it from scratch is an entirely different dilemma. Spare yourself the time and money, and extend your offering menu to include a Cloud PACS - one that has your brand on it.

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