Understanding the U.S. and International Regulatory Environment When Providing Second Opinions Across Borders
An Industry Update

June Webinar Licensure2

Previously Recorded: June 5, 2024  

The licensure landscape for issuing second opinions across geographic borders is not always straight forward. Between parochial licensure laws and regulation on data privacy, remote second opinions can be a challenge to navigate.

Each individual state and territory in the United States regulates the practice of medicine within their own borders differently. Generally, a provider must be licensed in the state in which the patient is located in order to deliver a medical diagnosis or to prescribe treatment to a patient in a specific jurisdiction. Going through the licensure process is burdensome and expensive, effectively impeding all but the most determined physician from seeking this legal authority to practice beyond his or her state’s borders. However, there are clear exceptions in many jurisdictions; exemptions that enable providers the flexibility to help patients under specific circumstances. 

During this webinar, Les Trachtman, JD, MBA, Managing Director of Purview, and Samantha Winters, Chief Marketing Officer of Purview, discuss the industry's most pressing questions when it comes to developing legal strategies for issuing second opinions across borders. This session begins with a brief overview of the recent New Jersey case, MacDonald, et al. v. Sabando, an update on Purview's research on the U.S. market, The Legal Reality of Issuing Second Opinions to Out of State Patients in 2023, an overview of international trends, and then open up to a live Q&A. 





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