• Medical Image Web Access

    Our storage is free. Your peace of mind is priceless.

    Pay a one-time low fee per study and we'll store it for as long as you remain a customer. All your archived studies are instantly available anywhere, anytime, on any device.

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  • EHR + Medical Image Inetegration

    Close the gap in your patient's medical record.

    In the world of healthcare, medical records are only part of the story. Get the complete picture by integrating your EHR with embedded medical images.

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  • Patient Image Access

    Don't keep your patients waiting.

    Provide them with access to their images on their home PCs, tablets or phones without CDs or additional work.

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  • Replace Medical Imaging CDs

    Never overnight a CD again.

    Fed up with the high cost and delay of mailing CDs overnight? Purview ViVA makes your images instantly available to your patients and providers with none of the hassle of a CD.

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Combining the Power of Horos with Cloud-PACS

What is Purview?

Purview is a new generation imaging delivery platform enabling physician’s easy and affordable access to medical images as an integrated part of their patient’s health record where and when they are required.

Our Values

– Medical images must always be available for access wherever they are needed

– Images are a critical part of a complete patient medical record

– Patients need access to their images

– CDs are prehistoric artifacts; images reside in the cloud

– Mobile access to images is imperative


Anytime. Anywhere. Any Device.

The Next Generation of Medical Imaging

Ease of Access

Do you waste valuable time trying to read images from CDs? Frustrated logging into multiple sites to view images taken by hospitals or imaging centers? Is your legacy PACS antiquated and expensive to maintain?

Access to your medical imaging should be easier.

You deserve easy, secure access to your patients’ medical images anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Purview ViVA is your answer


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