Stand out from the crowd.

Share images seamlessly with patients and referring physicians

Wow! your patient and her referring physician

You rely on positive patient experiences and physician referrals to grow your business. Please them both by making it effortless for them to view patient medical images and health records on-line.

Share images without having to burn CDs.

Never burn a CD again. Are you still in the 1980’s playing sneaker-net – having to carry CD’s from doctor-to-doctor to share medical images? Why not graduate to the 21st century and use the web to share, view, and collaborate on medical images? Just provide a simple secure code to your client at checkout.  Simple as that!  Your team won’t be bogged down telephoning physicians, burning CDs, or expensive couriering. Purview ViVA cloud-based PACS is secure, fool proof, and disaster-proof – saving time and money.  ViVA’s fully HIPAA-compliant flexible architecture and pricing can fit the needs of any size clinic.

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Enable access whenever and wherever needed.

More patients, better care.

Between busy emergency rooms and overbooked primary care physicians, more people are choosing fast, effective, immediate care.

Accelerating access to medical images.

Patients who choose immediate care don’t want to be burdened with waiting at checkout while you burn CD’s.  Let alone how much it costs your clinic to burn those CDs.  And what about the patient who calls back later and asks you to overnight the CD to her doctor?  Are your payor’s reimbursing you for that time and expense?  Likely not!  Wouldn’t your patients and their doctors prefer instant access to the images the minute to you shoot them at a cost you can afford?

Purview ViVA for Patient Access

Secure and immediate access to images without CDs

Involve your patients. Increase their satisfaction.

Patients today are more involved in their own health choices then ever. Support them by enabling them to control the viewing and delivery of their own image.

There’s an easier way.

Securely enable access to imaging studies right from your modalities using Purview ViVA cloud-based PACS. Discard the disks you have been using and enable access to your patients and their physicians with an online patient portal and access code. Wouldn’t it be nice to consider your clinic technically savvy?

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