Purview Patient Access is FREE for Providers
with Patient Pay

Eliminate CDs for Good and Save Up to $50k Per Year

With Patient Access, your patients can receive, view and share their medical images through any device with internet access, including desktop and mobile devices. Practices who use the Patient Pay feature has this service for free with a nominal patient fee covering the cost over time and eventually generating revenue.

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The Money Question:
How Much Does Burning CDs Actually Cost?

While $8 per patient might not sound like much, it should. That is the base cost, with the possibility of shipping fees, overnight delivery and necessary duplicate CDs (when the original is lost or damaged) causing this to add up to $22 per patient. If you have only 10 patients per day, with these costs, you could spend anywhere between $20,000 - $50,000 per year providing patients with "free" discs!

We find that patients are more than willing to pay the price of a latte for convenient access to their images. They don't want to deal with CDs, and neither do their referring physicians.

CD Burn Return on Investment Comparison

How does Patient Pay work?

  1. Following a scan, you provide your patient with a personalized login to your Patient Access system.
  2. From their mobile or desktop device, the patient can log in online and have access to all of their images and reports.
  3. They select which image(s) they want to access and enter their credit card information to pay the nominal fee.
  4. This fee can be a flat-rate of $6.50 (a HIPAA-approved safe harbor fee) or you can calculate the actual costs incurred by providing this image to your patient. We can help you determine which avenue is best.
  5. Your patient then has access to his or her image(s) forever. They can then view, download or share the image(s) and associated report(s) with their referring physician or other chosen recipients with a single click of a button.

    It's easy and convenient for everyone!
Patient View - Patient Pay
Patient View - Payment Detail

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