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Patient Pay

Your patients don't want CDs anymore

Recent studies show that patients would prefer to receive their medical images electronically rather than on CDs, and they'll pay for it! So why are you wasting your time and money continuing to burn them?

Speaking of money, burning CDs costs more than you think. Becker's Hospital Review estimates the cost is even higher than our projections!

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Remove this cost center by instead encouraging your patients to choose Purview Patient Access. They pay a small convenience fee and can toss that CD burner right out the window (but actually, you should probably recycle it).




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How does Patient Pay work?

  1. The patient downloads the app to their mobile phone and logs in with their access code that you provide (their patient ID in most cases).
  2. They select which image(s) they want to access and enter their credit/debi card information to pay the fee.
  3. The patient then has access to his or her image(s) forever. They can then view, download or share the image(s) and associated report(s) with their referring physician or other chosen recipients with a single click of a button.
    It's easy and convenient for everyone!
offer medical image copies for free using patient pay

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