Care Coordination

Streamline Patient Care Across Town or Around the World

Ensure your patients receive critical care anywhere, anytime.

You can't anticipate when and where your patients will be when they require care. Whether they are home, on vacation, or traveling for work, the moment might occur where your patient needs access to a doctor or a specialist.Ensure your patient and his or her physicians have immediate access to your patient's complete medical record.

Medical records and images available anywhere, anytime.

Combining the latest EHR records (from multiple sources) with current medical images in a web-based solution enables instant access for physicians treating your patients when they are away from home or when they require specialized care. Sharing that information with his or her care team can be the difference between a positive or catastrophic outcome.  We've purpose-built the solution for that very reason.

Purview's Expert View is a web-based patient care coordination platform for access, viewing, sharing, appending consulting opinions and storage of patient records.

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