Statement on the Recent Executive Order Restricting Immigration Into the United States

It is a sad day when we in the United States create policies that single out countries, religions and ethnicities for the sole purpose of denying them access to our country.  The United States is fundamentally a country of immigrants. The mix of backgrounds, rich and varied heritages, differences in experiences and beliefs, as well as conflicting points of view all contribute to making this county unique, innovative and powerful.


We at Purview encourage diversity.  We welcome ideas and perspectives of other cultures and thrive on the interactions we have all around the globe. Our company serves the healthcare needs of our friends and neighbors no matter what their nationality, geographic region, political affiliations or beliefs.  We’d like it to stay that way and believe that any ban that threatens the global diffusion of ideas, beliefs and perspectives on the grounds of unfounded generalizations will do no good for the United States or the rest of the world.


Never has any good come from building walls or encouraging homogeneity.  We trust that broader more enlightened views will prevail and we will do whatever is in our power to cause that to happen.


We hope you will join with us as we stand in support of America’s foundational beliefs.