Are you still living in a Legacy PACS world?

A new generation of hospital medical image access and sharing

How easily can you access your medical imaging studies?

View patient images anywhere, anytime. Enter the new century with a hospital PACS that serves your physician and patient community.

    • Enable self-service access to imaging studies
    • Avoid the tedious, expensive process of burning CDs
    • Please your patients with their own electronic access
    • Merge studies and EHR into a coordinated complete patient record

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Fed up with the costs of maintaining your legacy PACS?

Finally a cost efficient, open source, vendor neutral PACS


Purview ViVA cloud-based hospital PACS

Powered by the world’s most popular image viewing and analysis workstation, Purview ViVA paves the way for a whole new cost efficient approach to a hospital’s PACS.  Free yourself from expensive upkeep of your old technology.  Avoid single vendor reliance.  Join the thousands of radiologists who now rely on Horos or OsiriX for their imaging.

Other Solutions for Hospitals



Access, store and share medical images
whenever, wherever, and however you need them

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Second Opinion Portal

Leverage your expertise
by providing remote consultation and diagnosis

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Patient Portal

Give patients an easier way to receive and share images,
improving their experience and minimizing your costs

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Referring Physician Portal

Provide faster, easier sharing between
medical imaging centers and referring physicians

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