Welcome National Institutes of Health!

Onsite PACS for OsiriX optimizes NIH research project

If you’re conducting medical imaging research, you’re probably storing lots of data. This generally bogs down applications and devices that are critical to your work. You can’t delete any of the data, but you have no where to store it. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) and Purview recently worked together to solve this very issue.

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Welcome Radiology Group, PC!

Radiology Group, PC uses OsiriX for fast multi-site access

Radiological healthcare is all about connectivity. Multi-site imaging centers must maintain access to patient studies across their various locations as well as enable access to their patients' referring physicians. If access is delayed by CD burning/ingestion, transmitting large data sets or poor connectivity, patient care may suffer. That's why Radiology Group, PC chose OsiriX for their image viewing, ingestion, and patient study access.

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