Which Teleradiology solutions are available for free during this pandemic?

Purview is offering a number of our full service solutions without charge to those who need it during this pandemic. We hosted our third and final Purview Webinar information session today about our Purview Image Teleradiology solution. Click here to view the recording.

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Why Trauma Surgeons Need Temporary Cloud Storage

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Dragon Medical Voice Recognition Now Integrates with Cloud PACS Radiology Reporting

If you utilize radiology reporting in your practice, you know how time-consuming and frustrating the process of generating reports can be. This is especially true if you rely on manually creating your reports, rather than dictating them, with the support of voice recognition software.

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Can a Cloud PACS Be Used by Different Doctors Simultaneously?

To a certain degree, many health care professionals see their picture archiving and communication system (PACS) as being a technology limited by geography, where access to medical imaging studies is only available in their facility via a computer that is specifically designated for that purpose.

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4 Tips for Working with a Veterinary Teleradiologist

If you run a veterinary practice, you are often called upon to be a jack of all trades. If you are like many practices, you might not generate a high enough volume of scans to justify employing a full-time radiologist to analyze the images generated by your medical imaging technology. As a result, you probably do these reads yourself or rely on other generalist veterinarians to conduct the analysis and come up with diagnoses for the beloved family pets you see each day.

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