Why Veterinary Radiology Key Image Notes (KINs) Matter in Reporting

Veterinary radiology reports are the primary means, and sometimes the only method of communication between the radiologist and the referring physician. A good report is not only accurate, but is also clear, concise, and descriptive. An effective radiology report should serve to generate a mental picture of any concerns identified by the veterinary radiologist in the patient’s scan. 

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Olympics Medical Imaging Access Exposes Global Disparity

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The Evolution of Radiology

See how radiology has evolved since its founding in 1895

The history of radiology began with the need for more information: gathering internal images for delivering better patient care. German physicist, Wilhelm Conrad Röentgen, discovered what he called a "new kind of ray" in 1895, and the way medical care professionals understood and treated their patients was forever changed. Further developments in the field of radiology have been to enhance this comprehensive medical image and have resulted in ultrasounds, CTs, and MRIs.

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View, Analyze, and Diagnose Medical Images Anywhere You Have Internet Access

Web-based medical image viewers should be fast, flexible, and accessible for diagnostic use. Is yours?

Do you know what a "zero footprint client" is? Doesn't sound too sexy, does it? While many recognize the term, it has become vague as to exactly how it helps doctors and care providers view medical images. What if I told you that you could view diagnostic quality images in 3D, use analysis and reporting tools, and collaborate with other doctors all from an internet browser without downloading any software or patient information? That is a "zero footprint client."

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