How to Take Your PACS Mobile

What device are you reading this on? Smartphone? iPad? Laptop? Chances are, these days you're using your mobile device to access more information than ever.

This newfound availability of information is having a major impact on the medical field, influencing the lives and work of countless patients and doctors. What does this paradigm shift in "mobile culture" look like for your picture archiving and communication system (PACS)?

If you're thinking about riding the wave by adding mobile access and functionality to your PACS, first ask yourself: What would delivering "mobile" look like to your organization, and how are you going to achieve it? Keep reading for some answers.

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Cloud or On-Site PACS? 5 Steps to Determining Which is Right for You

To use the cloud or not to use the cloud, that is the question. While locating your PACS in the cloud has become much more popular in the past few years, both cloud and on-site PACS have their specific merits. To cut through the confusion, we have outlined 5 considerations that should help you navigate this decision for your practice and answer the common question: Cloud or On-Site PACS?


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How your medical practice can avoid burning CDs

Ugh… Patient medical imaging CDs…

With all the advances in internet connectivity and technology, why is burning a compact disc still the most popular way to store and transfer patient’s medical images amongst physicians and patients?

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Transmit medical images without a VPN

Save yourself the frustration and transmit medical images without a VPN

Medical imaging sent over the Internet requires secure connectivity because it contains protected health information (PHI). Per the HIPAA Security Rule, ePHI (electronic protected health information) must be protected when handled (technically, administratively and physically). Therefore, we're constantly focus on the best and easiest methods to transmit medical imaging securely while remaining compliant.

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