How Can Patients Send Physicians an Existing DICOM Medical Imaging Study?

Suppose that a specialist physician in California is corresponding with a patient that has an urgent illness and is located in Texas. He'd like to schedule an emergency appointment. But to properly confirm and address the diagnosis, the physician needs to see the patient's medical imaging studies. Unfortunately, sending a CD through the mail is costly and wastes valuable time, and also runs the risk of the CD getting lost in transit or arriving broken or unreadable.

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Urgent Care: Improve Your Service with Electronic Medical Image Sharing

The benefits of electronic medical records have been documented extensively. Having a complete set of patient information at the point of diagnosis or treatment eliminates the need to re-test, reduces treatment errors and streamlines health care processes. This complete record includes medical images, such as x-rays, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), computed tomography (CT) scans, ultrasounds and other diagnostic studies which are essential to helping physicians build a complete picture of the state of a patient's health.

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What Features Should a Cloud PACS Have for Medical Imaging Management?

The ability to manage medical imaging studies effectively and efficiently is critical to the success of any practice. Physicians rely on the accuracy of studies, as well as the information that accompanies them, to provide the right diagnoses and treatments to their patients. However, if you find that your clinical staff has challenges securely managing image studies and associated protected health information (PHI), your clinic could find itself addressing regulatory issues, an area of liability you want to avoid as much as possible.

For these reasons it's imperative to choose a cloud PACS vendor that makes it easy for you to manage your medical imaging studies once they have been uploaded into the cloud.

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Welcome Radiology Group, PC!

Radiology Group, PC uses OsiriX for fast multi-site access

Radiological healthcare is all about connectivity. Multi-site imaging centers must maintain access to patient studies across their various locations as well as enable access to their patients' referring physicians. If access is delayed by CD burning/ingestion, transmitting large data sets or poor connectivity, patient care may suffer. That's why Radiology Group, PC chose OsiriX for their image viewing, ingestion, and patient study access.

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View, Analyze, and Diagnose Medical Images Anywhere You Have Internet Access

Web-based medical image viewers should be fast, flexible, and accessible for diagnostic use. Is yours?

Do you know what a "zero footprint client" is? Doesn't sound too sexy, does it? While many recognize the term, it has become vague as to exactly how it helps doctors and care providers view medical images. What if I told you that you could view diagnostic quality images in 3D, use analysis and reporting tools, and collaborate with other doctors all from an internet browser without downloading any software or patient information? That is a "zero footprint client."

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