A Millennial Expert's Take on Healthcare Trends by Generation

How we approach healthcare is changing. Patients, even those who have a strong relationship with their primary care physician (PCP) often forgo the traditional office appointment for the convenience of urgent care clinics. Customer-centric technology companies such as Google and Amazon are increasingly venturing into the healthcare field — no surprise, considering nearly one fifth of the United States’ GDP is spent on healthcare — offering a spectrum of patient-focused and directed services, many of which can be accessed easily from a laptop or cellphone. These services seem to resonate with the modern consumer, particularly those who are technologically literate enough to utilize them. Are older generations being left behind in this move towards increasingly digital and consumer-centric healthcare? We spoke to millennial expert Amelie Karam to get her perspective on the differences in healthcare behavior between generations in the United States.

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Topics: millennial patients, digital health, primary care physician

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