Keeping Track of Your Dental Records Doesn't Have to Be Painful

Ever wish you could have easy access to your dental records? The X-rays that were taken when you were five years old? That chipped tooth from when you took a hard tackle during your championship game in your senior year of high school? They might seem like trivial matters at the time, but down the road we all have a tendency to say “what if?”. What if I had the ability to manage my dental records or my child's records at any time? If you have ever moved or had dental issues as an adult, these thoughts are not foreign. While back in the day, you would have no choice but to hunt down your previous dentists, today you can carry your records in a secure dental records wallet, or patient portal. Here’s how...

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How Can I Help My Doctor Help Me?

Most people don’t particularly enjoy doctor visits - with the exception of certain children that actually do get joy out of the colorful array of bandaids and lollipops. For the most part, there is a stigma surrounding the ominous doctor’s visit. It’s obvious isn’t it? You go to the doctor when something is wrong, when you need answers, and sometimes when you need hope. This may frustrate you more, but the ugly truth is that your physician doesn’t always receive your medical imaging in time. It’s not practical by any means, and while we as patients might think that our medical imaging is instantly available to our doctors the same day it’s taken - that is not the case. Here is how you can support and speed up the process to ensure that your doctor has eyes on your records with sufficient time to plan out your treatment.

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Patients Can Share Medical Images With Physicians In Moments, For Free


Did you know that there are mail services that allow you to actually track your package? No joke. A friend of mine just got the new iPhone X and was glued to his phone, essentially stalking the mail carrier’s truck. He watched the little dot on his phone move up and down the street for about an hour, when finally he decided to stand outside his residence and flag down the truck. Now, obviously there were other packages in the same truck - Amazon orders, other online purchases, and of course medical images burned onto CDs and DVDs. So, here is my question for you: do you really, honestly want to wait for parcelled medical records and images? If the answer is no, we have a solution...and it’s free.
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How Should I View My Imaging?

Cavities, broken bones, and tumors aren’t the only scary things you can find in your medical imaging. In fact, people around the world use Purview products to view images for their own individual purposes. Anthropologists, lawyers, forensic scientists, artists, and medical illustrators are just a few of the unique professions that utilize this technology. Open source desktop viewers and Cloud based web viewers serve different purposes for different needs. Here’s how to determine what viewer is best for you.

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