Charge Your Patients for Access to Their Medical Images? Here's Why You Should!

Many physicians we speak with think it is heresy to charge their patients for access to their own medical images. There are a host of good reasons they use in opposing our view: They say they don't want to "nickel and dime" their patients. Or, that they are focused on satisfying their patients and that this charge is a dissatisfier. We understand why they feel that way. But, we implore them to consider changing their opinion. Here’s why…

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Is Your Radiology Practice Prepared for Gen Z?

Harry went on vacation with his family, and ended up in the doctor’s office.

While out on an excursion, the adventurous 13-year-old fell and hurt his leg, leaving him unable to walk. Harry’s dad immediately used his cellphone to search for the nearest doctor’s office. Opting for the closest office with the best ratings, Harry’s dad brought him in to have the physician look at his leg. A few hours and an x-ray later, they returned to the hotel with a clear diagnosis: Harry fractured his leg and required a cast.

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Free is Good: A Patient Access System for Your Practice

Patients are becoming more and more involved in their own healthcare decisions. Thanks to high-deductible health insurance plans and Health Savings Accounts (HSAs), patients frequently make these important decisions around when and if they will seek health care.

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