Should I Hire an Administrator for Remote Second Opinions (RSOs)?

As I am sure you know, your staff are an essential component of your healthcare organization. They bring comfort to your patients, efficiency to your process, and growth to your business as a whole, enabling you to reach more patients in increasingly innovative and life changing ways. So when you are setting up a remote second opinion service, you need to consider how to hire (or choose from within your existing staff) the right team. Since you are here, you likely are wondering what kind of staff do you need to offer remote second opinions, and more specifically, should you hire a dedicated administrator for your remote second opinion program? 

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How to Charge Patients for Copies of their Medical Images, According to HIPAA

If you've been following our blog, you know by now that providing patients with electronic access to their medical images is much cheaper and more efficient than burning and delivering a CD. Giving patients online access to their images also brings many additional marketing benefits for your practice and easier access for your patients. However, there's still a cost for this service, though minimal in comparison to providing CDs. In either case, an increasing number of providers are integrating a HIPAA prescribed cost-based fee to help cover the expenses incurred by providing patients with copies of their images.

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Why You Should Provide Better Patient Access to Medical Images

The battleground of today’s business world revolves around the customer experience. Whether you are selling cars, cheeseburgers, or radiological services, the 21st century customer demands to be treated with respect and warmth. Accordingly, in nearly all industries, the customer experience is gaining sharpened attention. Specifically, customers demand information transparency and this trend is only growing, especially for millennial consumers. Most customers understand that information is power and that knowledge drives effective decision making. People can access their financial data in two clicks and a swipe on their smartphones. Similarly, most companies are becoming transparent and providing patients access to their information anytime and anywhere.

Why, then, do patients still find difficulty accessing their medical information?

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What Are My Responsibilities with Medical Data If My Practice Closes?

Doctors may choose to close or sell their practices for a variety of reasons: retirement, health issues, career changes; or in today's challenging reimbursement market: financial hardship. Whatever the cause may be, closing the door on your practice does not also close the door on your responsibility regarding the proper handling of your medical data. Instead, you need to consider how you'll handle future access and archives of patient records before you step away from your practice.

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3 Ways of Having More Engaged Patients


Usually the idea of patients controlling their own medical images strikes fear into the hearts of medical care professionals. Patients can jump to rash conclusions based off of their images, before even speaking to their medical care provider. While it may be controversial as to who should own medical images, the truth is having engaged patients will improve medical outcomes.

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