Is OsiriX closed for business?

When OsiriX moves from open to closed source, what does that mean for users?

Our industry just passed an unfortunate but significant milestone in the world of medical image viewing. On Friday the 13th (interpret the date as you wish) of March 2015, Pixmeo SARL released Version 6.5 of OsiriX, this time without opening the product to the community under an open source license. What that means to OsiriX users worldwide is that OsiriX is no longer part of the open source community. According to its new license agreement (reprinted below and notably flawed in its legal construction), while you can use the OsiriX Lite version that Pixmeo provides for download without charge, you are no longer permitted to modify, copy or distribute the OsiriX program.

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An Open Letter to the OsiriX Community

At Purview, we are focused on making medical image access, archive, and sharing cheaper and easier. Our passion is to make these images an integrated part of every patient’s complete medical record.

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