Modality Vendors Find an Incremental Profit Opportunity With Purview’s Cloud

Modality vendors often face a common challenge during the sales process: their devices are too large to bring to a prospect’s office for a demonstration. Even if they did, the setup and safety of temporarily operating the device for this purpose is beyond reason in just about every situation. So how does the modality vendor, especially one generating high resolution images in multiple dimensions, show off the capabilities of their device to a prospective customer?

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Using Purview for Radiology Modality Tech Support

Purview’s solutions can be used in a variety of ways, as we’ve seen with many of our customers. Recently, one of our newest clients came up with an innovative use for Purview’s cloud-based platform. This international-scale medical imaging modality vendor, which serves veterinarians and physicians, was seeking a way to increase the productivity of their service technicians (techs) and reduce wasted time and resources.

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What PACS Should I Get For My New Modality?

All modality owners know that they have other purchases left to be made. The most important of which is probably a PACS. While there are many different implementations available for a PACS solution, the one you select is determined based off of your needs and the way your practice’s workflow is built out. Overall, there are three main categories of PACS. Here is how to tell which one is right for you…

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I Just Bought A Modality. Now What?

First time modality buyers can find themselves in a conundrum if their modality vendor is not a one stop shop. When you purchase any modality, you get the ability to take medical images and send those images somewhere. What you still need to purchase depends on your use case and business infrastructure, but a PACS is almost a definite must have. Here’s why…

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