AnimalScan: A Journey to Becoming Experts in Animal Imaging

AnimalScan is a leading provider of animal imaging services in the US. Their branded outpatient imaging centers, located on both coasts, are fully equipped diagnostic facilities that contain the most advanced scanning equipment. They are the leader when it comes to animal MRI with each center staffed with a team of experienced radiologists, technologists, and anesthesiologists. AnimalScan also partners with specialty vets by leasing and servicing scanners in their own locations and work directly with referring vets to source their off premises imaging needs. With a growing number of locations across the United States, professionals in the veterinary industry are becoming familiar with the AnimalScan name. However, not many people know the story of how AnimalScan originated.

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Go Mobile With Your Patient’s Medical Imaging

Having anytime anywhere access to your patient’s medical images can be a life saver. You cannot always have your desktop viewing station with you at all times. It’s physically impossible. If you are on rounds, visiting another facility, or on the go - having the ability to view medical images on a mobile device can save immense time and energy. However, be warned that not all vendors have a solution that is FDA approved that can be viewed on mobile devices. Why not? Glad you asked.

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Why Every Physician Needs Mobile Access to Medical Images

Having the ability to share and access medical images anytime, anywhere is a great feature to have in your Cloud PACS infrastructure. It allows you the flexibility to not have to be at your desktop to view your images. But have you put much consideration into having mobile unlimited access to your medical images? What if you could access your patient’s records on any device, anytime, anywhere? What if these images were diagnostically approved?

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Why Is PACS Mobile Access So Important?

We’ve talked about the importance of mobile access before for picture archiving and communication systems (PACS). The reason being that it's become more clear than ever that mobile devices are central to the future of our communications.

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How Do I View Medical Images on My iPad or iPhone?


Doctors love their iPads and iPhones. In fact, more than half of the doctors surveyed in a recent Manhattan Research study report using a tablet regularly for professional purposes – especially in point of care situations involving patients. In total, 87% of doctors use a tablet or smart phone in the workplace. This naturally has many physicians asking, “How do I view medical images on my iPad or iPhone?” Well, the short answer is, "with a cloud PACS."

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