What Do Advancements and Changes in Medical Image Sharing Mean for You?

In previous blog posts, you've been presented with a lot of high-level information giving you a strategic overview of the field of medical image sharing. Naturally, your very next question should be: "What should I actually do with this information?"

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Addressing PACS and Medical Image Sharing Security Concerns

This is a guest post by Jyotin Gambhir, of SecureFLO, based in Arlington, Massachusetts.

Security is a crucial topic of conversation when discussing picture archiving and communication system (PACS) options. Image-based medical records are not only considered sensitive information that requires special handling, they also hold value from a cyber security perspective, as hackers and other threat actors seek to obtain secure medical information.

Given that these concerns can translate into significant regulatory, business and legal problems for health care facilities, security around PACS and medical image sharing is a critical conversation to have - but where should you start?

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Surgeons: Get the Medical Image Access You Need with a Cloud PACS

Having medical imaging available during an operation is paramount to ensuring a positive outcome for the patient. The images stored on a picture archiving and communication system (PACS) can guide surgeons through their procedures, helping them to locate and address an issue in an organ or joint quickly and with ease.

In fact, many doctors cannot or will not perform surgery without their medical imaging studies, so access must be efficient and reliable.

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Medical Images: Are You Ready for the Digital Health Care Consumer?

Unprecedented access to information has transformed how purchasing decisions are made. Whether consumers are in search of a new pair of shoes or a new car, they don’t rely on carefully crafted marketing materials anymore for product information.

Instead, they examine online reviews and request recommendations from their network of friends by tapping into social media. The information is available in an instant through mobile devices and online platforms.

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Deliver patient access today

Savvy patients are demanding access to their medical information. They know that capturing this information at the point of treatment will save them time and aggravation should they need them in the future. Patients need more than a collection of their medical histories. They demand radiology reports, pathology reports, diagnoses, prescriptions, electronic health records, and medical imaging. 

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