How Do I Obtain My Loved One's Medical Records?

There are a multitude of reasons you may need access to your loved one's medical records. Regardless of the reason, you're likely asking yourself at least one of the following questions: How can I obtain my loved one's medical records? Who has the right to my loved one's medical records? How can I obtain and store my loved one's medical records?

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How Good Is Your Cloud Service Provider's Disaster Recovery Plan?

When you pay to store medical imaging data from your practice in the cloud, you should be secure in the knowledge that your data is protected. If a disaster strikes, is there any chance that your data will be lost? Does your cloud service provider have a plan in place that covers all eventualities?

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Don’t become the next news story...

Last week, Hollywood Presbyterian Hospital in Los Angeles, California US was held hostage for over a week by hackers who infiltrated their hospital computers. In the US, you are likely familiar with HIPAA as well as HITECH and what is required to maintain the privacy of your patients’ information. But did you realize that what happened in Los Angeles was not just a business catastrophe but also could be an egregious HIPAA violation? 

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