Teaching with Medical Images: Delivering a Deeper Learning Experience

In healthcare, as in life, no textbook lesson can provide the depth of learning that a real experience can. With today’s technology, educators can provide their students with a deeper, more realistic learning experience, especially in regards to using and studying medical imaging. Educators and students alike now have greater flexibility and a wider variety of resources available to them with the evolution of cloud-based medical imaging software. The innovative educators utilizing this technology can more easily prepare their lessons and analyze their students’ progress; not to mention, students are better equipped with the tools and experience required for their future professions.

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My Summer Internship at Purview

Carly Cherches, a senior at Union College, reflects on her summer 2018 internship as an inbound marketing intern with Purview. Carly will graduate in Spring 2019 with a degree in biomedical engineering.

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