Are You Taking The Measures To Protect Your Patient's PHI?

We now have the technology to unlock devices with our faces, but that doesn’t mean that we are immune to data loss as a result of poor image management. Here’s a question, how do you manage your patient medical images? Do you store them in a local hard drive, filing cabinet, image router, or onsite PACS? If you selected any of these options, it is likely that you are possibly one of many victims to data loss, and if not - you still have time to take the measures to protect your patient's private health information (PHI). 

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Here’s Why Cloud Storage Is The Best Option For Medical Images

The truth is that many radiologists use hard drives, desktop viewing stations, and their local PACS to store medical images. However, storing your patients’ medical records and images in any location other than the Cloud is asking for trouble.

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Will a Cloud PACS Work with My Current Imaging Equipment?

If you're considering a migration to a cloud-based picture archiving and communication system (PACS), one of the first questions you may have is, "Will it work with my existing modalities and infrastructure?"

Fortunately, in almost all cases, the answer is yes.

These days, nearly every imaging modality has a network interface. This means that if your network has internet access, enabling your modality to leverage that access is a straightforward task. Internet access is the facilitating factor for your ability to use the cloud as a PACS.

Of course, there are several other considerations before moving into the cloud.

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How Should I Backup My Medical Imaging Data?

Having no backups is a recipe for disaster — literally. If a natural or man-made disaster strikes and ruins the images on your picture archiving and communication system (PACS), you would have absolutely no recourse. And yet, a good number of health care facilities we speak to seem to be taking this risk daily.

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6 Questions to Help You Avoid Disaster with a PACS Data Backup

There's no arguing that if you work in health care you need to protect the data in your picture archiving and communication system (PACS). Having good backups of your data is critical as a loss of protected health information (PHI) could be detrimental to your practice or hospital.

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