Is Your Radiology Practice Being Restriced to a Mac?

No one cares for restrictions. Especially when it comes to hindering your access to your patient’s medical images. There are numerous platforms out there that permit you to view those images on only a Mac platform. Which doesn’t always make it easy. What if you cannot afford an expensive AppleTM machine, or what if you are just a PC user all the way?

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Stay Out Of The Office During The Holidays With The Cloud

 The holidays are literally right around the corner. Do you really want to stay after hours at the office reading scans? Most likely, probably not. We get it, it can be frustrating having to stay late because you had to wait for a study to arrive via your mail carrier. It’s going on 2018. Sharing medical images to be read by a radiologist should not be so archaic. The Cloud enables radiologists to share, access, and go mobile with their medical images anytime, anywhere - so long as you have internet access. Which overall means that you can read diagnostically approved images from the comfort of your own home without being restricted to your desktop DICOM viewer.

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How Should I View My Imaging?

Cavities, broken bones, and tumors aren’t the only scary things you can find in your medical imaging. In fact, people around the world use Purview products to view images for their own individual purposes. Anthropologists, lawyers, forensic scientists, artists, and medical illustrators are just a few of the unique professions that utilize this technology. Open source desktop viewers and Cloud based web viewers serve different purposes for different needs. Here’s how to determine what viewer is best for you.

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How To Share Medical Images On A Cloud Based Web Viewer

I would love to say that gone are the days when patients would have to physically bring their film with them to appointments. However, I recently was watching a reality TV show (don’t judge) where the celebrity was driving to see a specialist with films of her cervical spine in the passenger seat. I was shocked. Her neck was badly injured, and she wasn’t wearing a brace. What if she had injured it more by having too much range of motion? What if the effects were irreversible? Instead of waiting for however many days, weeks, or even months to get that appointment and deliver the images in person, those images could have been shared instantly with the physician. That’s right - no film, no time sensitive problem.

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