Purview's Top 10 Blog Posts in 2019

Posted by Tilden Bowditch on Dec 23, 2019 1:41:44 PM

As 2019 comes to a close, we rounded up our top ten blog posts from the past year. The biggest trends we noticed in our most-read content shows an interest in patient-focused solutions and shifts in healthcare delivery, especially in regards to patient preferences and technological developments.

Understandably, patients and physicians alike are increasingly looking for better solutions for easier medical image and health data management. Patients become frustrated when they have to run across town to get a CD containing a copy of their x-ray to bring to their specialist or referring physician (that is, if they remember to bring it!). While on the flipside, physicians also begrudge the costs and burden of using CDs, which eat up time, money and attention that could be better spent elsewhere to grow their practice. In an age where we can use our cell phones to manage everything from our finances to ordering groceries online, why not do the same with medical images?

Patient preference for greater mobility and flexibility with their healthcare extends to their primary care, as well. Millennials especially prefer urgent care visits when needed, as opposed to the time-honored tradition of regular visits with one primary care physician, but we learned that their healthcare priorities aren't all that different than those of older generations.

Large healthcare organizations also mirror this preference, demanding nimble medical image and health data management solutions that were traditionally built for smaller practices. The market is scurrying to meet this growing demand, as we witnessed at RSNA. >> Luckily, our solutions are built to meet the specific needs of both large and small organizations. Learn more here.

Below are the top ten posts from the Purview blog in 2019, based on the number of views. We hope you enjoyed reading them as much as we enjoyed creating them!

Top 10 Purview Blogs in 2019

Purview's Top 10 Blogs Posts from 2019

  1. How Can Patients Send Physicians an Existing DICOM Medical Imaging Study?
  2. Tell Your Doctor: CDs Are History
  3. RSNA Trendspotting: Big Health Systems Demand Flexible, Nimble Options
  4. 7 Benefits of Giving Patients Online Access to their Medical Images
  5. A Millennial Expert's Take on Healthcare Trends by Generation
  6. The Last Mile in Healthcare
  7. How Your Medical Practice Can Avoid Burning CDs
  8. A Breast Cancer Survivor's Perspective on Second Opinions
  9. Free is Good: A No-Cost Patient Access System for Your Practice
  10. Four Tools for a More Efficient Clinical Trial

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