Which Teleradiology solutions are available for free during this pandemic?

Posted by Justin Kaechele on May 19, 2020 5:00:00 PM

Purview is offering a number of our full service solutions without charge to those who need it during this pandemic. We hosted our third and final Purview Webinar information session today about our Purview Image Teleradiology solution. Click here to view the recording.

Justin PictureHi there, my name is Justin Kaechele and I am a Sales Executive at Purview.

At the outset of COVID-19, not long after the US Health Emergency was declared, the Purview team decided it needed to help. We knew that the pandemic was putting many healthcare delivery organizations in a very difficult spot.

Social distancing and the need to keep physicians safe was causing more physicians to work remotely.  They were challenged with do so without forfeiting productivity.  Doctors in quarantine wanted to remain productive.  Hospital and other health care providers' IT teams did not have the time or resources to build this infrastructure themselves as quickly as it was needed.


Purview's business has focused on tools to enable physicians to accomplish diagnostics remotely. While our solutions were not normally deployed in these war-like environments, it became a natural fit.  Our software could enable doctors to work from home or wherever they might be. The immediate increase in demand indicated that we had been right; our solutions could be just what the doctor ordered.

Our first solution involved deploying image sharing. This service enables patients and doctors to share image files without having to appear in person or even ship a CD/DVD. With the new rules in place prohibiting non-critical patients from visiting care sites, we realized there would be a bottleneck of medical images. 

Our next effort was to make our core Purview Image platform available as well. With Purview Image, radiologists and subspecialists can view, report, remote upload and share medical images all from a web browser, on any device in any location. 

We have had requests from all around the world from providers who need the technology to enable them to remain productive. Some are using our services to do remote consults. Some providers are seeking a way to share reports and images across contacts within their own organizations while everyone works virtually. In one case, we are helping an ER facility in Brazil transmit images across the hospital. 

Our customers are finding new ways that we haven't even thought of to apply our solutions to where it is needed. Some have found our other product solutions including patient access and case management to solve other problems they are encountering.  Purview is here to help fight this battle. Watch our Webinar to learn more. 

watch our webinar

Watch our 30 minute webinar to learn more about how you can use Purview Image for free during this pandemic, or learn more here

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Justin Picture

Justin Kaechele

Software Sales Executive at Purview


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